Full Service Dining

After a full day of jet skiing, fishing or boating, Sunbanks Resort guests are bound to work up an appetite. The resort is proud to offer several options when it comes to food and drinks, including a full service restaurant and lounge, espresso cafe, and a general store. Everything guests need can be easily found at Sunbanks Resort.

Coulee Cantina Restaurant & Lounge
The Coulee Cantina Restaurant & Lounge is located conveniently on the Sunbanks Resort grounds and is easily accessible from tent and RV camping, cabins and the villas. The Coulee Cantina features a diverse menu offering everything from steak for Dad and chicken strips for the kids. The cantina’s full service kitchen serves dinner, opening at 4pm. In addition to serving a full menu, the cantina is also has a full service bar offering everything from beer to martinis.
Espresso Cafe
The early bird catches the worm! At least that’s what fishermen at Sunbanks Resort like to say. The resort’s Espresso Café offers the perfect early morning pick-me-up for fishermen and others looking to get head starts on their days. The café brews up your favorite espresso drinks including mochas, lattes and cappuccinos and also offers expertly mixed Italian sodas and granitas in a variety of fruity flavors. When you don’t have time for breakfast grab a cookie or a muffin from the café to tide you over.
General Store
While the cantina and Espresso Café take care of guests’ coffee and meal needs, there are some things that you can only get in the store, like a jar of baby food or a can opener. Good thing Sunbanks Resort has a general store on its premises. In addition to providing food items and beverages, the general store also boasts a supply of toiletries, clothing items, and cigarettes. Don’t fret about lost or forgotten items, the general store carries most any item a guest could need for their vacation.

Sunbanks Resort prides itself on catering to its guests. That means making sure guest have everything they require on resort premises. Sunbanks Resort owners and employees believe in customer service – that means making sure all their needs are met throughout their stay. Reserve your Sunbanks Resort vacation today!