Things To Do

Award Winning Entertainment

If there’s one thing that Sunbanks Resort is assured of – it’s keeping guests entertained throughout their stay. When it comes to summer fun, Sunbanks Resort offers a variety of events and activities to keep the whole family busy. Every summer season kicks off with the Rhythm and Blues Festival. Guests can also test their musical ability at Friday Night karaoke where both kids and adults are welcomed. And the 18-hole mini-golf course and the playground are the perfect destinations for kids who need to burn off a little steam and parents who just need a break.

Sunbanks Rhythm and Blues Festival
Sunbanks Resort has prided itself for providing high-quality entertainment to guests for over a decade. Each year the resort is host to the bi-annual Rhythm & Blues Festival in May and September. These four-day festivals host rhythm and blues bands from across the country and the state. Each year, fans flock to Sunbanks Resort to take part in what’s been awarded the title of “Best Blues Festival in the Northwest.” Festival goers tend to be an assorted mix of families and adults seeking to enjoy the eclectic mix of musical acts offered throughout the festival.
Karaoke and Live Music
If the festival atmosphere seems a little too high energy for you and your family, why not try Friday Night Karaoke on the Sunbanks Resort main stage just east of the Lodge? Friday Night Karaoke is an opportunity for both parents and children to hang out and sing their hearts out. For those who don’t feel like singing – there’s no reason not to relax with a picnic on the grass. In addition to Friday Night Karaoke, the resort also hosts live bands every Saturday night during peak season on the main stage.
Miniature Golf and Kid’s Playground
If singing and watching live music is not your thing, why not join the kids in playing a game of miniature golf? If the kids are getting antsy take them for a romp in the playground. There’s nothing like zipping down the slide and hanging on the monkey bars to drain kids’ energy.
Whatever visitors decide to do during their vacations to Sunbanks Resort, they will be reassured to know the resort owners take family fun seriously! That means making sure every guest has a blast on every day of their stay.