Information About Sunbanks Resort, Banks Lake and the Surrounding Areas

Sunbanks Lake Resort is located on Banks Lake, which is part of the National Scenic Byway called the Coulee Corridor. The Corridor boasts  beautiful scenery which holds a historical meaning from the towns of Omak to Othello.

Beautiful Banks Lake is situated along the picturesque Coulee Corridor and is surrounded by valleys and basins carved by waters that flooded the Pacific Northwest millions of years ago. This area showcases scenic wonders such as the Columbia Plateau, the Grand Coulee Dam, the Rocky Ford area, and Dry Falls.

Guests at Sunbanks Resort enjoy the amazing scenery surrounding the resort as well as the services offered within the resort. Those interested in seeing one of America’s largest man-made wonders may take a side trip to Grand Coulee Dam. This dam was built in 1941 and is 46 stories tall. It also creates more electricity than any other dam. The cattail marsh and shrub steppe of the Rocky Ford area offers four-season bird watching for the avid bird enthusiasts. Just a short distance away from Sunbanks Resort is Dry Falls, a 400-foot-high and three-mile wide inactive waterfall bed. Dry Falls once stood ten times higher than Niagara Falls. Visitors can learn more about the history of the Dry Falls area by visiting the onsite visitors’ center.

One of Washington’s most popular state parks, Steamboat Rock State Park, is located nearby the Sunbanks Resort area. The park boasts an 800-foot basalt butte tower and a historic road once used by stage coaches and freight wagons.

Visitors to the Banks Lake area will enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the vast outdoor playground that offers year-round fun and recreation. The vast outdoor playground offers year-round fun and recreation. Whether you enjoy hiking trails, bird watching, kayaking, sailing, boating, water sports, fishing, hunting, or off-road vehicles – this is the place to check out!

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