General Store

Dining: General Store

There’s nothing worse then getting to a resort and finding you need to leave the premises just to pick up some basic supplies. This won’t be the case for Sunbanks Resort’s visitors because in addition to the Coulee Cantina Restaurant & Lounge and the Espresso Café, the resort also boasts its own General Store. The General Store sells everything from hot dog buns, to beer, to beach towel and other souvenirs. This full service store offers a variety of products to cater to all resort goers. In addition to selling food supplies, toiletries and clothing items, the General Store also offers beer, wine and cigarettes.

For many travelers, a forgotten bathing suit or diapers could mean a ruined trip. But at Sunbanks Resort these items can be easily found at the General Store located in the Lodge. The General Store is open from 7am to 11pm throughout peak season.

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